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What we do

The Coalition exists to ensure the needs of people living with or affected by cancer in Scotland are met. Member organisations have a complimentary range of expertise and experiences representing a wide-range of cancers and have a shared vision for collective action to make a difference and improve outcomes for cancer patients in Scotland.


A key function of the Coalition is to support and challenge Ministers, the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland to develop and deliver first class cancer research, prevention and treatment services. By providing a unified point of contact and administration the priorities of different cancer groups and communities can be effectively communicated to inform cancer strategy within Scotland.


We are the only organisation of our kind in Scotland, providing a coherent and powerful voice from voluntary, third sector organisations regarding cancer services, treatment, prevention, care and research. Through the collaboration of coalition members we are able to draw upon individual specialisations and expertise. This gives far greater weight and effect to our work with Ministers, MSPs, the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. It is through working together in this way we can help ensure the needs of people living with, and affected by, cancer are met.


By working together we provide a stronger voice for the cancer community, patients, and families within Scotland. For the Scottish Government, Ministers, MSPs and NHS Scotland the Coalition offers the value and the benefit of a regular and coherent communication channel with their key stakeholders. 

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