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Organisations who wish to join us must meet the criteria detailed in our terms of reference.


The Scottish Cancer Coalition is a partnership of voluntary organisations dedicated to improving cancer services and outcomes for patients in Scotland and promoting research and prevention efforts.

The Scottish Cancer Coalition exists to ensure the needs of people living with cancer in Scotland are met. Member organisations have a complimentary range of expertise and experiences representing a wide-range of cancers and have a shared vision for collective action to make a difference and improve outcomes for cancer patients in Scotland.
The Coalition celebrates the strength and diversity of the voluntary sector, between us we provide support, information and advice to thousands of people affected by cancer each year. The experience of people affected by cancer informs the work of all organisations that are members of the Coalition.
The Coalition’s primary activity is to influence Scottish Government and NHS Scotland priorities, policies and national strategies by providing the insight, expertise and evidence of members organisations.

Membership of Coalition
Organisations are invited to join the Scottish Cancer Coalition if they meet the criteria for membership as set out below:
• They are a charity (and can provide an OSCR number)
• They have a primary purpose around cancer
• They have a significant presence in Scotland
• They have capacity and willing to contribute to activity that relates to the coalition’s core purpose
• Demonstrable recent policy work in Scotland

Applications will be considered by the Executive Group of the Scottish Cancer Coalition.
Members will provide contact details to be added to the database managed by the Scottish Cancer Coalition.

Scottish Cancer Coalition Meetings
The Scottish Cancer Coalition primarily meets four times a year. Additional meetings may be established if needed to meet with key stakeholders or discuss key issues.

Elections – Chair and Vice Chair
The Scottish Cancer Coalition Chair will change every four years. The Chair position will sit with an individual not their organisation.
If more than one member expresses an interest in being Chair then an election will be held and carried out by an external organisation.
Expressions of interest will then be taken for a Vice Chair. If more than one member expresses interest, unless there is a conflict of interest an election will be carried by the Secretariat.
The Vice Chair will deputise for the Chair when required.
If the Chair or Vice Chair needs to stand aside before the end of the four year period, expressions of interest will be sought and internal elections held if required.

Executive Group
The Executive is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, the Secretariat, and representatives from the Early Diagnosis and Screening subgroup, Medicines subgroup, and the Patient Information and Services subgroup.
The Executive Group will approve membership applications, monitor process against work plan priorities, agree strategic decisions when there are mixed views amongst the Coalition and sign off any press comments on behalf of the Scottish Cancer Coalition issued in the Chairs name.

The Secretariat to the Scottish Cancer Coalition does not have to sit with the Chair’s organisation. If someone expresses an interest in becoming Chair but their organisation can not carry out the Secretariat function, a request will go out for expressions of interest in the role.
The Secretariat will hold all Scottish Cancer Coalition data in line with their organisations data protection rules.
The Secretariat will be the primary point of contact for the Scottish Cancer Coalition.
The Secretariat will ensure that all members receive updates and information in a timely fashion and that opportunities presented to the Coalition are offered to all members.
The Secretariat will manage and plan the core Scottish Cancer Coalition meetings, papers and workplans.

Sub Groups
The Scottish Cancer Coalition will establish subgroups when identified by Members to provide focus around specific areas of interest. At present there are three sub groups:

  • Medicines Subgroup
  • Patient information and services Subgroup
  • Early Diagnosis and Screening Subgroup

Short life subgroups may be established to work on time limited activities or projects such as website development and manifesto planning.
Members can determine the most appropriate representative for their organisation to join the group.
Subgroups will determine their own Chair, work plans and must meet a minimum of three times a year.
Sub groups will agree who is their representative on the Executive Group.
Sub groups will feedback on their activities as a standing item at Scottish Cancer Coalition meetings.

Representing the Scottish Cancer Coalition
The Scottish Cancer Coalition works closely with the Scottish Government to provide the insight and evidence of it’s members across a range of cancer specific areas. Members represent the Scottish Cancer Coalition on a number Scottish Government and NHS Scotland working groups. Members who represent the Coalition at these meetings are required to:

  • Work with the secretariat to seek input from all members ahead of the meeting
  • Represent the views of Coalition members at meetings
  • Feedback in a timely fashion from the meeting
  • Seek a stand in from the Coalition if they are unable to attend a meeting on the Coalitions behalf

Representatives will have the opportunity to update further and for Coalition members to ask questions as a standing item at all Scottish Cancer Coalition meetings.

The Scottish Cancer Coalition has established a trusted working relationship with Scottish Government.
Scottish Government meeting papers and updates and intelligence shared from meetings should be treated as confidential and not for onward circulation beyond the Coalition.

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